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In the 18th century, a wide variety of medical explanations were proposed, including a lack of sexual activity, too much sexual activity, physical injuries to the breast, curdled breast milk, and various forms of lymphatic blockages, either internal se compra viagra sin receta andorra shopping due to restrictive clothing. In the 19th century, the Scottish surgeon John Rodman said that fear of cancer caused cancer, and that this anxiety, learned by example from the mother, accounted for effetti collaterali viagra vista cancer39;s tendency to run in families. Although breast cancer was known in ancient times, it was uncommon until the 19th century, when improvements in sanitation and control of deadly infectious diseases resulted in dramatic increases in lifespan. Previously, most women had died too young to have developed breast cancer. Additionally, early and frequent childbearing and breastfeeding probably reduced the rate of breast cancer development in those women who did survive to middle age. Because ancient medicine believed that the cause was systemic, rather than local, and because surgery carried a high mortality rate, the preferred treatments tended to be pharmacological rather than surgical. Herbal and mineral preparations, especially involving the poison arsenic, were relatively common. Mastectomy for breast cancer was performed at least as early as AD 548, when it was proposed canadian viagra online ordering the court physician Aetios of Amida to Theodora.

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Then the doctor confirmed that its dengue for three of us (he said that dengue antibodies can be seen in blood only for a day or two after contracting and probably I and my wife passed that stage), and suggested that there is no medicine and asked us to use paracetamol to control the body temperature and take more fluid diet. He discharged us the next day, but importantly he asked us to do platelet count every day until an increase is seen.]