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Since 2007, ASRI has been working with communities around the national park to improve the wellbeing of both humans and the environment. It started by setting up a clinic that provides villagers with not just the most extensive healthcare services in the area, but also incentives to stop them from logging in the park. Workboard alternatives to viagra clinic offers up to 70 discounts on medical fees to villages that stop logging, and ASRI aims for this to pile pressure on loggers to stop. Patients who cannot afford medical fees, and una hotel viagrande dentist might otherwise resort to illegal logging, can choose to pay with various non-cash options, including native seedlings or labor. ASRI also replants forests and trains ex-loggers to farm and run alternative businesses. ASRI weaves healthcare, finances and conservation into one tapestry ‚ a vision printed on the uniform of its conservation staff: "Masyarakat sejahtera, hutan sehat" (Prosperous society, healthy forests). This concept is now often referred to as "planetary health," a term coined by the Rockefeller Foundation‚Lancet Commission in 2015 to inspire research and action. But the beginnings of ASRI came more than a decade before that.

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